Mid Stream Services, Inc. provides quality service in the agricultural import and export business. We were incorporated in 1974 and have been subcontracting from both national and foreign entities.


Mid Stream Services, Inc. is a family business providing the valuable services necessary for the import and export business. Our core employees are the following:

Louis Matherne

Louis started in 1953 as a grain sampler at a local grain elevator. From that position, he progressed to the positions of grain mixer, assistant superintendent, and then chief grain inspector. After being at this position for 6 years, he then formed Mid Stream Services, Inc.

Gary Matherne

Gary started part time in 1977 as a sampler and became full time in 1978. From that position, he progressed to the position of surveyor / inspector and then managed the company until becoming president of Mid Stream Services, Inc. in 2008.

Brent Matherne

Brent started in 2006 as a sampler / surveyor and is presently being groomed to manage and one day run Mid Stream Services, Inc.